AC-16(06) Maintenance of Attribute Association

Require personnel to associate and maintain the association of ac-16.6_prm_1 with ac-16.6_prm_2 in accordance with ac-16.6_prm_3.

Parameter ID Definition
ac-16.6_prm_1 organization-defined security and privacy attributes
ac-16.6_prm_2 organization-defined subjects and objects
ac-16.6_prm_3 organization-defined security and privacy policies
ac-16.06_odp.01 security attributes
ac-16.06_odp.02 security attributes
ac-16.06_odp.03 privacy attributes
ac-16.06_odp.04 privacy attributes
ac-16.06_odp.05 subjects
ac-16.06_odp.06 objects
ac-16.06_odp.07 subjects
ac-16.06_odp.08 objects
ac-16.06_odp.09 security policies
ac-16.06_odp.10 privacy policies



Maintaining attribute association requires individual users (as opposed to the system) to maintain associations of defined security and privacy attributes with subjects and objects.