CM-03(01) Automated Documentation, Notification, and Prohibition of Changes

Use cm-03.01_odp.01 to:

(a) Document proposed changes to the system;

(b) Notify cm-03.01_odp.02 of proposed changes to the system and request change approval;

(c) Highlight proposed changes to the system that have not been approved or disapproved within cm-03.01_odp.03;

(d) Prohibit changes to the system until designated approvals are received;

(e) Document all changes to the system; and

(f) Notify cm-03.01_odp.04 when approved changes to the system are completed.

Parameter ID Definition
cm-03.01_odp.01 automated mechanisms
cm-03.01_odp.02 approval authorities
cm-03.01_odp.03 time period
cm-03.01_odp.04 personnel