PT-06(02) Exemption Rules

Review all Privacy Act exemptions claimed for the system of records at pt-06.02_odp to ensure they remain appropriate and necessary in accordance with law, that they have been promulgated as regulations, and that they are accurately described in the system of records notice.

Parameter ID Definition
pt-06.02_odp frequency



The [PRIVACT](#18e71fec-c6fd-475a-925a-5d8495cf8455) includes two sets of provisions that allow federal agencies to claim exemptions from certain requirements in the statute. In certain circumstances, these provisions allow agencies to promulgate regulations to exempt a system of records from select provisions of the [PRIVACT](#18e71fec-c6fd-475a-925a-5d8495cf8455) . At a minimum, organizations’ [PRIVACT](#18e71fec-c6fd-475a-925a-5d8495cf8455) exemption regulations include the specific name(s) of any system(s) of records that will be exempt, the specific provisions of the [PRIVACT](#18e71fec-c6fd-475a-925a-5d8495cf8455) from which the system(s) of records is to be exempted, the reasons for the exemption, and an explanation for why the exemption is both necessary and appropriate.