SC-12(03) Asymmetric Keys

Produce, control, and distribute asymmetric cryptographic keys using sc-12.03_odp.

Parameter ID Definition

Selection (one):

  • NSA-approved key management technology and processes
  • prepositioned keying material
  • DoD-approved or DoD-issued Medium Assurance PKI certificates
  • DoD-approved or DoD-issued Medium Hardware Assurance PKI certificates and hardware security tokens that protect the user’s private key
  • certificates issued in accordance with organization-defined requirements



[SP 800-56A](#20957dbb-6a1e-40a2-b38a-66f67d33ac2e), [SP 800-56B](#0d083d8a-5cc6-46f1-8d79-3081d42bcb75) , and [SP 800-56C](#eef62b16-c796-4554-955c-505824135b8a) provide guidance on cryptographic key establishment schemes and key derivation methods. [SP 800-57-1](#110e26af-4765-49e1-8740-6750f83fcda1), [SP 800-57-2](#e7942589-e267-4a5a-a3d9-f39a7aae81f0) , and [SP 800-57-3](#8306620b-1920-4d73-8b21-12008528595f) provide guidance on cryptographic key management.