AU-13 Monitoring for Information Disclosure

a. Monitor au-13_odp.01 au-13_odp.02 for evidence of unauthorized disclosure of organizational information; and

b. If an information disclosure is discovered:

1. Notify au-13_odp.03 ; and

2. Take the following additional actions: au-13_odp.04.

Parameter ID Definition
au-13_odp.01 open-source information and/or information sites
au-13_odp.02 frequency
au-13_odp.03 personnel or roles
au-13_odp.04 additional actions



Unauthorized disclosure of information is a form of data leakage. Open-source information includes social networking sites and code-sharing platforms and repositories. Examples of organizational information include personally identifiable information retained by the organization or proprietary information generated by the organization.

Control Enhancements 3

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