PE-14 Environmental Controls

a. Maintain pe-14_odp.01 levels within the facility where the system resides at pe-14_odp.03 ; and

b. Monitor environmental control levels pe-14_odp.04.

Parameter ID Definition

Selection (one-or-more):

  • temperature
  • humidity
  • pressure
  • radiation
  • {{ insert: param
  • pe-14_odp.02 }}
pe-14_odp.02 environmental control
pe-14_odp.03 acceptable levels
pe-14_odp.04 frequency



The provision of environmental controls applies primarily to organizational facilities that contain concentrations of system resources (e.g., data centers, mainframe computer rooms, and server rooms). Insufficient environmental controls, especially in very harsh environments, can have a significant adverse impact on the availability of systems and system components that are needed to support organizational mission and business functions.

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