PM-20 Dissemination of Privacy Program Information

Maintain a central resource webpage on the organization’s principal public website that serves as a central source of information about the organization’s privacy program and that:

a. Ensures that the public has access to information about organizational privacy activities and can communicate with its senior agency official for privacy;

b. Ensures that organizational privacy practices and reports are publicly available; and

c. Employs publicly facing email addresses and/or phone lines to enable the public to provide feedback and/or direct questions to privacy offices regarding privacy practices.



For federal agencies, the webpage is located at www.[agency].gov/privacy. Federal agencies include public privacy impact assessments, system of records notices, computer matching notices and agreements, [PRIVACT](#18e71fec-c6fd-475a-925a-5d8495cf8455) exemption and implementation rules, privacy reports, privacy policies, instructions for individuals making an access or amendment request, email addresses for questions/complaints, blogs, and periodic publications.

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