SA-15(07) Automated Vulnerability Analysis

Require the developer of the system, system component, or system service sa-15.07_odp.01 to:

(a) Perform an automated vulnerability analysis using sa-15.07_odp.02;

(b) Determine the exploitation potential for discovered vulnerabilities;

(c) Determine potential risk mitigations for delivered vulnerabilities; and

(d) Deliver the outputs of the tools and results of the analysis to sa-15.07_odp.03.

Parameter ID Definition
sa-15.07_odp.01 frequency
sa-15.07_odp.02 tools
sa-15.07_odp.03 personnel or roles



Automated tools can be more effective at analyzing exploitable weaknesses or deficiencies in large and complex systems, prioritizing vulnerabilities by severity, and providing recommendations for risk mitigations.

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