SA-23 Specialization

Employ sa-23_odp.01 on sa-23_odp.02 supporting mission essential services or functions to increase the trustworthiness in those systems or components.

Parameter ID Definition

Selection (one-or-more):

  • design modification
  • augmentation
  • reconfiguration
sa-23_odp.02 systems or system components



It is often necessary for a system or system component that supports mission-essential services or functions to be enhanced to maximize the trustworthiness of the resource. Sometimes this enhancement is done at the design level. In other instances, it is done post-design, either through modifications of the system in question or by augmenting the system with additional components. For example, supplemental authentication or non-repudiation functions may be added to the system to enhance the identity of critical resources to other resources that depend on the organization-defined resources.

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