SC-05 Denial-of-service Protection

a. sc-05_odp.02 the effects of the following types of denial-of-service events: sc-05_odp.01 ; and

b. Employ the following controls to achieve the denial-of-service objective: sc-05_odp.03.

Parameter ID Definition
sc-05_odp.01 types of denial-of-service events

Selection (one):

  • protect against
  • limit
sc-05_odp.03 controls by type of denial-of-service event



Denial-of-service events may occur due to a variety of internal and external causes, such as an attack by an adversary or a lack of planning to support organizational needs with respect to capacity and bandwidth. Such attacks can occur across a wide range of network protocols (e.g., IPv4, IPv6). A variety of technologies are available to limit or eliminate the origination and effects of denial-of-service events. For example, boundary protection devices can filter certain types of packets to protect system components on internal networks from being directly affected by or the source of denial-of-service attacks. Employing increased network capacity and bandwidth combined with service redundancy also reduces the susceptibility to denial-of-service events.

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