SR-11 Component Authenticity

a. Develop and implement anti-counterfeit policy and procedures that include the means to detect and prevent counterfeit components from entering the system; and

b. Report counterfeit system components to sr-11_odp.01.

Parameter ID Definition

Selection (one-or-more):

  • source of counterfeit component
  • {{ insert: param
  • sr-11_odp.02 }}
  • {{ insert: param
  • sr-11_odp.03 }}
sr-11_odp.02 external reporting organizations
sr-11_odp.03 personnel or roles



Sources of counterfeit components include manufacturers, developers, vendors, and contractors. Anti-counterfeiting policies and procedures support tamper resistance and provide a level of protection against the introduction of malicious code. External reporting organizations include CISA.

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