AU-12 Audit Record Generation

a. Provide audit record generation capability for the event types the system is capable of auditing as defined in [AU-2a](#au-2_smt.a) on au-12_odp.01;

b. Allow au-12_odp.02 to select the event types that are to be logged by specific components of the system; and

c. Generate audit records for the event types defined in [AU-2c](#au-2_smt.c) that include the audit record content defined in [AU-3](#au-3).

Parameter ID Definition
au-12_odp.01 system components
au-12_odp.02 personnel or roles



Audit records can be generated from many different system components. The event types specified in [AU-2d](#au-2_smt.d) are the event types for which audit logs are to be generated and are a subset of all event types for which the system can generate audit records.

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