AU-06 Audit Record Review, Analysis, and Reporting

a. Review and analyze system audit records au-06_odp.01 for indications of au-06_odp.02 and the potential impact of the inappropriate or unusual activity;

b. Report findings to au-06_odp.03 ; and

c. Adjust the level of audit record review, analysis, and reporting within the system when there is a change in risk based on law enforcement information, intelligence information, or other credible sources of information.

Parameter ID Definition
au-06_odp.01 frequency
au-06_odp.02 inappropriate or unusual activity
au-06_odp.03 personnel or roles



Audit record review, analysis, and reporting covers information security- and privacy-related logging performed by organizations, including logging that results from the monitoring of account usage, remote access, wireless connectivity, mobile device connection, configuration settings, system component inventory, use of maintenance tools and non-local maintenance, physical access, temperature and humidity, equipment delivery and removal, communications at system interfaces, and use of mobile code or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Findings can be reported to organizational entities that include the incident response team, help desk, and security or privacy offices. If organizations are prohibited from reviewing and analyzing audit records or unable to conduct such activities, the review or analysis may be carried out by other organizations granted such authority. The frequency, scope, and/or depth of the audit record review, analysis, and reporting may be adjusted to meet organizational needs based on new information received.

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