CP-04 Contingency Plan Testing

a. Test the contingency plan for the system cp-04_odp.01 using the following tests to determine the effectiveness of the plan and the readiness to execute the plan: cp-4_prm_2.

b. Review the contingency plan test results; and

c. Initiate corrective actions, if needed.

Parameter ID Definition
cp-4_prm_2 organization-defined tests
cp-04_odp.01 frequency
cp-04_odp.02 tests
cp-04_odp.03 tests



Methods for testing contingency plans to determine the effectiveness of the plans and identify potential weaknesses include checklists, walk-through and tabletop exercises, simulations (parallel or full interrupt), and comprehensive exercises. Organizations conduct testing based on the requirements in contingency plans and include a determination of the effects on organizational operations, assets, and individuals due to contingency operations. Organizations have flexibility and discretion in the breadth, depth, and timelines of corrective actions.

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